EMDR tools

EMDR Platform features an integrated EMDR mode in which various tasks are included to load the working memory. The tasks have been created with an adjustable level of difficulty and an unpredictability in order to be able to put a heavy load on the working memory in accordance with the latest EMDR techniques. In addition to speed, the ball can also change movement pattern, color and shape. The size of the shape can also be set, which is useful for clients who take off their glasses during the EMDR session and for clients with a large screen. A number of standard background photos are also included in the EMDR tools, between which you can switch randomly during desensitization. It is possible to replace these standard photos with your self chosen background photos. Clinical experience shows that showing neutral pictures that are trauma-related for the client, combined with distracting stimuli, is very effective. A completely unrelated, eg cute or funny photo, can often help with looping or a blocking thought.

Several auditory distracting stimuli are also included in the EMDR mode. The tempo and sound pattern of the clicks can be set separately. You can choose from different sound patterns. This way you can continue to surprise your client on an auditory level during the desensitization.

In short, the EMDR mode contains more than enough visual and auditory working memory tasks to optimize your EMDR sessions.

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