EMDR Platform 2.0 launched!

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Did you know that already more than 100 sessions per day are carried out with EMDR Platform and that this number only increases? Time for EMDR Platform 2.0!

We have enlarged the servers, completely renewed the platform and prepared for the new EMDR Platform app. The app for tablet and smartphone can be downloaded for free by your clients in the Apple and Android stores starting next week. With this app clients who are not so handy with a computer or only have a tablet/smartphone can also be treated.

Hopefully the EMDR Platform app will also contribute to more people with PTSD receiving trauma-focused session. According to the report "Improvement Signal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder" only 39% of the people with PTSD currently receive trauma session. So as far as we are concerned we are going to 1,000 sessions a day, in any case EMDR Platform is ready for it!

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