Video calling

Video calling is fully integrated in EMDR Platform and meets all requirements that apply in healthcare. The video call servers are located in Europe and are ISO270001 certified. So, no need for a separate video calling program that you use together with a separate EMDR tool. Because of this integrated video call function, you can use the EMDR Platform, also safely and simply for other psychological sessions or for a confidential conversation with, for example, a supervisor or supervisee.

The EMDR Platform app works seamlessly with the web version, with of course also the video calling function integrated. You can therefore also treat clients who use a tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android).

Video calling with EMDR Platform is in HD (High Definition), which means that you and your client can see each other very clearly. The advantage is that you can follow your client's eyes during the EMDR sessions, but it also feels familiar to your client if you are clearly visible. This makes the difference with a face-to-face sessions even smaller. EMDR Platform does not work with costs per minute or a maximum number of calls. As soon as you have an account you can make unlimited video calls and sessions!

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